“With its focus on officer safety and professional dispositions, C2 Training is the future of law enforcement. C2 allows us to take principles we consider to be important and train automaticity of action around them. We are building tactical brains. There’s no other program like it.”

- Robert Stonis, Director, Pennsylvania Deputy Sheriff's Academy; Associate Director, Penn State Justice and Safety Institute


C2 Training™ is a program designed to wire the subconscious brain to take quick and appropriate action in critical situations. Developed over the last decade by law enforcement researcher and neuroscientist, Dr. Jonathan Page, C2 Training has the potential to reshape the effectiveness and efficiency of your in-service programs.

C2 Training is based on scientific principles of brain functioning. Led by law enforcement and cognitive science training experts, officers are taught science-based principles that are easily and quickly integrated into daily law enforcement activities. These principles are designed to create electrical “superhighways” in the brain that improve use of force decisions, recognition of implicit bias, emotional intelligence, professional attitude, and officer confidence.


• Build elaborate pattern recognition system in the subconscious brain to take quick and appropriate actions in critical situations

• Train the brain to see and understand the world from a safety standpoint

• Reinforce and guide appropriate professional disposition


• Appropriate use of force decisions Improve officer safety, confidence, and professional attitude

• Bolster policing fairness in public interactions

• Build positive community relations

• Move from situational awareness to situational comprehension


• Trained during daily law enforcement activities

• The program is Flexible and will be tailored to fit your agency

• Officers receive instruction on daily exercises and receive toolkits to guide training

• Ongoing support from law enforcement training experts and scientists to ensure the agency gets the most out of C2 Training