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Cognitive Command Group, LLC was formed in 2016 by Jonathan Page, PhD and Chris Richardson. Cognitive Command is based on Dr. Page’s extensive research in cognitive neuroscience; in particular, how stress impacts performance and how to overcome it. With nearly two decades of research and development supporting the Cognitive Command approach to training, C2 is now being implemented in a variety of industries including law enforcement and industrial safety.


Mission & Vision


Cognitive Command™ Group was founded on the idea that science-based mental training can dramatically improve an individual’s safety, performance and professionalism. Based on nine major principles of brain functioning, Cognitive Command engages the subconscious part of the brain; the part of the brain that most training methods ignore. The subconscious brain not only guides thoughts and behaviors at a primary level, but also dictates our thought and behavior during acute stress. Cognitive Command is the science of using automatic thought to guide behavior.


To greatly enhance safety and professionalism by using fundamental principles of neuroscience to train automaticity around perception, processing, and performance.


To help people, teams, and organizations reach their maximum potential by enhancing the way they see, understand, and interact with their environment.



The core of Cognitive Command and the guiding principle in all of our training.


Concepts of cognitive neuroscience and how they impact behavior are what got us started on this journey. If it’s not backed by science, we don’t incorporate it into our training.


The neat part about blazing a new trail is all the people you meet along the way with similar beliefs and convictions. We love to collaborate with great minds and great organizations.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Einstein said it best and we tend to agree with him.


We make it a point to be open and honest with ourselves, our clients, and our collaborators.

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